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Q: Where are you located?

Clash of Arrows is a mobile events company that operates out of Victoria, Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, and Burnaby. We host our events in a variety of places such as gymnasiums, recreation/community centers, and even at outdoor parks and private locations.


Q: Do we have to book the location for our event?

Our team takes care of all of that. Once you submit a "Booking Inquiry" we make sure to contact our facility partners to book the time and date for your event. 


Q: Can we request a facility that is closer to us?

If you would like for us to come closer to you, please add the name of the facility where you would like to have your event. 


Q: What is Clash of Arrows?

Clash of Arrows is a team-based combat archery game played with safety foam-tipped arrows. It combines elements from paintball, dodgeball, and archery, making it a uniquely thrilling experience.

Q: Does it hurt?

Like Paintball ....NO, but if you've played dodgeball, then your fine. Getting hit by a large Foam tipped arrow feels like getting hit by a dodgeball. It's all fun, both kids and adults can play together. 


Q: Is there an age restriction?
A: The recommended age is 8 and up. Ages under 19 must have a signed permission by a parent/guardian.

Q: Is this an indoor only activity?
A: Yes, this is played indoors.  However, we are a Mobile Events company and that means we can come to your location! 

Q: What are the draw weight and length of the bow / What is the FPS (feet per second)?
A: The draw weight is 24-28lb and the draw length is 29 inches.
The arrow only goes 90 FPS (a standard paintball goes 280 FPS).

Q: How much time will we need to play?
A: (Youth) You have 90 minutes on the field which is a blast....With all their energy, kids can always go for extra time! Most of our bookings book an additional 30 min party room for pizza/cake.

(Adult) You have 60 minutes on the field,  you're going to be sweating and playing lots with few breaks.
If you want to have more break times and longer battles, an extra hour will work for you. 
Q: What should I wear/ bring?
A: Bring regular sporting attire:  clean shoes, shorts, water bottle, and a Big Smile. Face masks and other equipment will be provided for players.

Q: Can I bring my own equipment?
A: For fairness and safety reasons, you are only allowed to use our bows. However, you are welcome to use your own standard paintball mask at your own risk.

 Q: How are the games judged ?.
 A: A referee will be on the field to keep track of the scoring. We run 7 minutes rounds and alternate our game designs throughout the session.  We're going to keep your adrenaline pumping all the way through. 

Q: Can I just play with my friends?
A: If you would like to only play with your friends, we suggest purchasing all 12 tickets :).


Q:  For  Bookings, do we have to pay the whole amount or put down a deposit?

A: A 50% deposit is required for all booking sessions, and the remaining balance is due on the day of the booking. 

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

  • A cancellation fee of $95.00 applies for cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance.

  •  In the case of no-show, we will keep the 50% deposit.

  • A cancellation fee of $25.00 applies for cancellations made less than one week in advance.  

  • A full Refund for cancellations made one or more weeks in advance.

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