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Clash of Arrows is happy to work with any organization that is hoping to use archery tag as a catalyst for raising substantial funds. Archery tag will attract tons of people and we will also help promote your event through our social media outlets.  We put the " Fun" in Fundraising !

" Archery Tag provides a one of a kind experience, and can accommodate over 200 people"

We are a Mobile Events Company, we can transform any space you have into an ultimate battleground !

| Indoor gym | Outdoor field | Rec. Centers |

Let's chat about your event

  • 4 Hour battle session

  • Set up at a location of your organization's choice (indoors or outdoors)

  • Up to 300 combatants 

    • 12  years old and up

  • Face Mask, Bow, Arm-guard, Arrows

  • 6 Types of games

  • Tournament style (optional)

  • Photography provided


Suggested Ticket $

  • In the past, most of our fundraisers priced their entry ticket cost between $29 and $39 per ticket


  • Clash of Arrows Archery Tag can be played either in an indoor or outdoor setting

  • To avoid weather complications, we highly advise your organization to book a time slot at your preferred school gym or Recreation Center. 

Payment Methods

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