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If you are looking to throw an action packed birthday party, or if you are eager to shoot your friends in an all battle, Clash of Arrows can accommodate any type of group at any location. We host our events at private homes, recreation centres, and even at public parks. We come equipped with our own custom inflatable bunkers that can transform any gym into an ultimate battleground. Clash of Arrows archery tag combines the thrill of Paintball with the familiar fun of dodgeball. Give us a call or shoot us an email to book that special day of the year :) 

" Archery Tag will give your party experience like no other, just tell us where and when. "



  • from 8 to 18 year old

  • $30/ session

  • session duration: 90 min

  •  min 12 players



  • from 18 to 100 yr old

  • Per person

  • $35 / 90min session

  • +$10 for Additional 30 min

  • +$25 / each additional hr 

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We are a Mobile Events Company, we can transform any space you have into an ultimate battleground !

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Payment Methods

Cancelation Policy

  • We require a 2 week's notice for all bookings. 

  • If your booking needs to happen sooner, we will try our best to find you a date, but we cannot guarantee a spot.   

  • Once you confirm your booking, there will be a $80 non-refundable charge.
    In the case of no-show, we will keep the 50% of the deposit.                                         
     For a full refund of the deposit, minus the recreation center booking fee, we require at least 1 weeks notice. 

  • Broken Equipment: *If a bow or arrow is broken while in play by someone in your group, there is no penalty fee. However, if the bow or arrow is broken due to negligence, misuse, dry firing, or overextending the draw length while not on the field, there will be a $75 replacement fee put on the invoice.   Please take care of the equipment so others can enjoy.

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